Strategy Development

  • Audit

    An examination of current & past sales and mktg efforts, customer service & all other factors affecting growth.


    The detailed evaluation of information gathered from the Audit.


    Defining the specific business goals you want to accomplish.


    Defining the precise strategies that will accomplish the objectives.


    The detailed list of steps that will be implemented for each strategy.

Strategy Development that Fits your Budget

  • Discover what strategies are right for you
  • Learn about your competitors & target market
  • Is your digital strategy well-defined?
  • Uncover your strengths & resolve weaknesses
  • Create realistic attainable objectives
  • Can your website & digital presence be enhanced?
Foley Marketing Advisors helped us identify and develop marketing and public relations strategies and tactics for our growing online business. Additionally, Danielle Foley provided valuable marketing advice throughout the process that resulted in actionable results that we were able to manage within our small budget.”Anna & Debbie, Creators / Writers / Owners