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Social media has become one of the biggest platforms for branding, promotion, and advertising branded content. With millions of videos uploaded by brands and content creators, average content has a higher chance of being lost in the ocean of video content. Marketers are adopting video content due to its ability to create higher social media engagement and traffic. According to a report by Forbes, 82% of the internet traffic is estimated to be driven by online videos in 2022.

It makes video content an indispensable tool in marketing for brands. It will be instrumental in shaping brands and influencing consumer purchase decisions due to the visual representation of the product or service. Here are 13 examples of social media video content:

  1. User-Generated Video Content

    User-generated video content is a great way to increase trust and reliability for the brand. For this, users create video content demonstrating the use of a product or service, which automatically influences consumer decisions. Encourage users to create videos, tag the brand, and use hashtags to reach the target audience. Acknowledging the user-generated content on the brand’s social media page is a great way to establish a genuine connection with the users and customers.

  2. How-to Videos

    Instructional videos are informative and increase knowledge about a product or service. This video type aims to answer a particular question with a step-by-step method. It is engaging, informative, and knowledgeable for the audience. How-to videos are one of the most searched categories of video content on YouTube. For example, the video by YouTube creator Jeven Dovey – How to Vlog – Beginners Guide has amassed millions of views because it is informative and educational.

  3. Q & A videos

    Customers have their doubts and questions about a product or service, and it is crucial to answer the questions and connect with the audience to establish trust. Q&A type of video content addresses customers’ queries and clarifies doubts to help customers make the right choice. You can use an online video maker to record and edit such videos. Even content creators have amassed millions of views with such videos as it helps the viewers know more about content creation and its pitfalls. For example, the Q&A video by Dhruv Rathee has millions of views.

  4. Educational Videos

    Such videos are created to educate the audience on a particular topic. For example, the Ed-tech industry has gained many viewers by creating educational video content posted regularly on social media. It requires a minimalistic approach in recording and editing and helps share the relevant information.

  5. Product Launches and Services Promotions

    Social media platforms provide an excellent opportunity to promote a new product or service. A social media video emphasizing the product’s features and bringing value helps create a sales funnel for the brand. Brands have started collaborating with social media influencers to create advertisements at affordable prices. An example of ad collaboration by Oppo Mobile.

  6. Promotional Videos for Events

    If you organize an event and promote it with video content, it will generate more leads. Event videos provide a sneak peek into the event line-ups and makes them exciting. You can create even videos by sharing the necessary snippets from a past event’s recap and promoting the forthcoming.

  7. Testimonial Videos

    It is one of the most effortless videos to create but quite effective in building trust. The use of customer testimonials as social media content helps better market brands. A short video with real customers brings long-term engagement and creates better leads for the business. Testimonial videos are instrumental to build the credibility of a brand and help in gaining customer trust. The honest reviews and testimonials by real users is a strategy every business should focus on from a marketing point of view.

  8. Interview Videos

    Building a brand or a business requires strong business sense and quality delivery. Interviews make great video content and help the management or leaders share their insight and create brand legitimacy. Either opt to interview the company’s top executive or invite other top leaders for an interview. The videos help in creating a knowledge chain and viewers get the latest insights from the experts.

  9. Storytelling Videos

    A good story stirs emotional responses in people. Storytelling videos on social media gain immense popularity as they send a message and connect to people emotionally. Either you can create a video that tells a story about the brand or a scripted story that engages with the people. Unique and meaningful stories portrayed via video often go viral on social media.

  10. Short-form Videos

    Examples of short-form videos are on Instagram Reels and TikTok. They receive high traffic, increase brand awareness and effectively reach the target audience. These are currently trending as most social media algorithms extensively support them. The Instagram Reels and TikTok are engaging, informative, and entertaining and deliver the message quickly.

  11. Thank-you Videos

    Customers are the backbone for the success of any brand or business. Take time off your busy schedule and upload a thank-you video on social media for your customers. Edit with an online video maker to create an appreciation video for all the employees and businesses associated with the brand—a positive voice with genuine appreciation helps generate higher engagement.

  12. Go Live on Social Media

    All the social media platforms have an option to go live and interact with the target audience. Creating live video content will help connect and interact with the audience in real-time. It helps answer questions in real-time and can add humor and fun elements throughout the entire conversation.

  13. Behind-the-Scenes Videos

    Many customers are excited and curious to know what goes behind the scene for a brand. Many small businesses have started creating behind-the-scenes videos and have gained massive positive responses. Capture raw and interesting footage and compile it into a video to let customers get a peep into what goes in the production, operations, or logistics. The videos help customers understand the effort and dedication that goes in the background to deliver the best product or service.


Social media has immense potential for providing small businesses and brands with a voice. Genuine and good-quality videos on social media can drive organic traffic by creating higher engagement. The above video content examples are great to connect with customers on social media, but it is up to the brand’s marketing to diversify the video content further. If you’re interested in growing your business and could use some help, feel free to shoot me an email: dfoley@foleymarketingadvisors.com


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