How to Make Existing Content More Valuable for SEO

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Every piece of content your business has produced is more valuable than you think. Finding content that can be repurposed can be more cost-effective and time-efficient than creating brand new content from scratch. Repurposing content allows you to introduce your brand/company to a new audience and can help to establish authority on additional platforms you’re not currently on. When you create multiple pieces of content around the same topic it creates additional opportunities to target desired keywords to rank higher in search engines. In addition, when content is repurposed and shared in multiple ways, it can target a wider audience and increase the chances content will be shared across the web. Below we’ve identified how to make existing content more valuable for SEO.

Which Type of Content Should you Repurpose?

  1. Case Studies
  2. How-to Articles/Blogs
  3. Ultimate Guides
  4. Analytical Articles

Ways To Repurpose Content

  1. Turn Your Blog Post Into an Audio Format. Podcasts are on the rise so it is important to have a variety of formats for audiences to consume your content in a different way.
  2. Transform a Blog Post Into an Infographic. Turning parts of a popular blog post into an infographic is an effective method to deliver content on visual platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest. 
  3. Create Videos From Top-Performing Blogs. Videos are a great opportunity to capture new audiences, build trust, educate your audience and increase brand awareness. And it’s easy to promote the videos via social media. 
  4. Transform Your Top Content Into an Ebook. Ebooks can help increase website traffic and improve the credibility of your small business.  Ebooks have valuable information that website visitors are willing to trade their contact information in order to access it. This allows you to gain trust from website visitors and help convert leads into sales. 
  5. Repromote and Update Old Blog Posts. It is important to update, improve, and rewrite outdated content to keep it relevant and performing well. Once updates are finished, don’t forget to promote the fact that the blog was updated on social media to improve the performance of the blog post.

As a small business, it’s important to repurpose content to increase your reach to a new set of audiences. Learning what and how to repurpose and the benefits will help you get the most value out of all your content. If you have any questions regarding repurposing content please feel free to reach out…We’re always happy to help!

Danielle Foley, Owner
Foley Marketing Advisors

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