Email Marketing Tips to Grow Your Small Business

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Email marketing helps businesses connect with their audiences to help promote their brand and increase sales. The purpose of this type of marketing is to acquire new customers, increase sales, enhance customer relationships, and increase awareness about their company or brand. Below we’ve listed the most effective email marketing tips to grow your small business. 

1. Build a High-Quality Email List

An email list is a database of all email subscribers who gave you permission to send them updates and promotional messages from your business. Building a quality email list is the most efficient way to build a relationship with potential customers. Use social media as a method to add to your email list. Social media is one of the best ways to incentivize new email subscribers if you have the right promotional offer for your target audience. 

2. Have a Plan for Your Email Marketing Campaign

Successful email marketing campaigns have a good plan, a developed strategy, and content to increase your audience. Start with a goal and then determine what type of email will help you accomplish your goal. Decide how many emails need to be sent for your promotion. Also, determine tools and promotions to benefit your campaign. 

3. Personalize Your Email Campaign

One way to make your email campaign more personal is to have a first-name option when people subscribe to your email list. It is important to make your customers feel important rather than another name on an email list. 

4. Be Consistent With Automated Emails

Email automation is any message sent from your email service provider based on customer actions on your website. Automate welcome, discount, or birthday emails to your customers. 

5. Strengthen Your Network Brand by Sending Outreach Emails

Email outreach is sending an email to build backlinks, generate leads, improve customer experience, and build your brand. Use outreach emails to do co-promotions with another brand or run an event/webinar to grow your email list. 

6. Have Proper Email Etiquette to Send Effective Emails

Include a subject line that grabs the attention of your subscribers. Make sure to write only what your target audience wants to read. Also, determine the best time to send emails that have the highest conversion rates.

7. Get Customer Feedback with Email

People usually read online reviews before purchasing a product or service. It is important to receive customer feedback to see what customers like about your business and what improvements need to be made for future customers. 

8. Analyze Your Competitor’s Email

It is important to see what your competitors are doing to create marketing strategies that take advantage of your competitors’ weaknesses and improve your business performance.

9. Don’t Forget to Maintain and Take Care of Your Email List

Keep an eye on your email analytics and remove people who want to unsubscribe to your list or have emails that no longer exist. 

10. Create Mobile-Friendly Emails

Mobile-friendly emails have subject lines around 50-70 characters, include an email pretext to give readers a preview of the email, and avoid using large images. 

11. Analyze Email Marketing Metrics

It is important to see which emails are working and what emails need to be changed. Some important metrics include click-through rates, conversions, and open rates. 

Email marketing is a powerful marketing tool that can be used to build positive relationships with prospects, leads, and current customers because it allows you to create personalized messages that promote your brand, product or service. By implementing these email marketing tips you will see a positive ROI and increase leads to help grow your small business. If you have any questions regarding email marketing, please feel free to reach out…We’re always happy to help!

Danielle Foley, Owner
Foley Marketing Advisors

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