7 LinkedIn Tips for Increasing Followers

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Linkedin is about making connections with people (aka “leads”) you know, or want to know. One of the most valuable goals on LinkedIn is to grow a following. Increasing your following leads to a greater organic reach, meaning more people will be looking at the content you post. Below we have come up with 7 LinkedIn tips for increasing followers.

  1. Apply SEO to Your Profile: LinkedIn optimization is the process of improving and making changes to your business’s page so it will appear more frequently in search engine results, increase leads and/or sales and overall improve your SEO.
  2. Engage Your Employees: Encourage your employees to spread the word and share the LinkedIn page and your posts with their friends and networks. Make sure your employees have their information updated on their accounts, and that their work experience has your page so that people connecting with them will be encouraged to follow your page. 
  3. Post Content Regularly:
    • Keep a steady flow of fresh content, so that your page is constantly on followers’ feeds. Constantly posting will increase engagement with followers, and will make your page more appealing.
    • Video and Visual content: Make sure to create and incorporate a lot of visuals, that will be eye-catching to your followers. A video marketing strategy increases engagement through social shares and clicks. If the visual is engaging, it is an effective way to get people to share it with their friends.
  4. Direct Website Visitors:
    • Add a Follow button to your website. A button on your website will encourage visitors to check out your LinkedIn page.
    • Add a Page link to your email signature. Adding a link to your LinkedIn page in your email signature is an efficient way to get someone you’re communicating with back and forth to check out your company page.
    • Add a Follow button to your website for your personal LinkedIn profile. Getting followers to your personal LinkedIn is a great way to get relevant followers to your company’s LinkedIn profile.
  5.  Encourage Engagement:
    • Create and join conversations with hashtags. Utilize hashtags on your posts to reach relevant people and communities related to your business. You should also enter feeds with the same or similar hashtags and comment, react, and start conversations.
    • Respond to the comments on your post. Conversing back and forth with your followers will keep them engaged, and interested in your profile.
  6. Enlist Help:
    • Mention relevant influencers and companies. Mentioning bigger companies and influential people in the industry can lead to them sharing your posts/ page to their network, reaching a lot more people.
    • Ask customers and brand advocates for help. Ask loyal customers and brand advocates to post about your organization’s LinkedIn page to their networks.
    • Encourage leaders in your industry to mention your page. Prominent leaders in your industry have a huge voice amongst relevant followers, having them mention your company’ will drive traffic to your page.
  7. Share Job Postings: A majority of people on LinkedIn are there to network, find a job, or do both. Sharing job postings available at your company or relevant companies can open your page up to new audiences. 

Growing your company page following on LinkedIn is extremely important for most types of businesses (especially, B2B). Fortunately, all of the tips mentioned above are cost-effective ways to help grow your following and expand your LinkedIn. If you have any questions regarding growing your LinkedIn page following, please feel free to reach out… We’re always happy to help!

Danielle Foley, Owner
Foley Marketing Advisors

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