Enhancing Engagement and Conversion Rates with Effective “Call-to-Actions”

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Known as a CTA, a “Call-to-Action” is a way to compel a viewer to take immediate action. It is a link that connects the viewer to the website’s or ad’s intended action like making a purchase or scheduling an appointment. This is often done through buttons like “Learn More”, “Donate” or “Call Now”. Websites are created for the purpose to draw attention and grow your business, so it is imperative that your website directs visitors to take some form of action. Below are 4 ways how enhancing a website’s engagement and conversion rate with effective “Call-to-Actions” can grow your small business.

Keeps the Viewer’s Attention

Without a CTA, a visitor viewing your website or ad does not have a clear direction on where to go next. This can often lead to the user leaving the webpage which leads to low website traffic. A CTA guides the viewer to the next step of your sales funnel through an image, text, or button link leading to a possible purchase.

Easy to Implement

Implementing a “Call-to-Action” is easy to do and can be done in an engaging way. Simply directing the viewer to a specific direction from your ad or website, with keywords like “Contact”, “Buy, or “Donate Now,” and capturing that in a “button” graphic, if possible, is all that’s needed. You may have seen buttons or images with “Read more Here” or “Buy Now” and have felt compelled to follow that direction. You were compelled to do so because the “Call-to-Action” you followed was clear and concise.

Improves Your SEO

If your Google ad’s “Call-to-Action,” is clear, concise and engaging, it can motivate people to click on it and therefore generate more website traffic. Google also analyzes traffic behavior on websites and will rank them based on how easily a viewer can navigate through your site. This can ultimately help to improve your SEO.

Great for Cross-Selling

A “Call-to-Action” can also help to cross-sell a product/service you may have on a different section of your site. Adding effective “Call-to-Actions” throughout your website is a powerful way to quickly engage users and help direct them to products/services on your website, thereby pushing them through your sales funnel. If you’d like help determining what your “Call to-Actions” should say or where they should go on your website, please feel free to reach out…We’re always happy to help!

Danielle Foley, President
Foley Marketing Advisors

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