How to Cost-Effectively and Easily Use Facebook Ads to Drive Traffic to Your Website

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Forty nine percent off small business fail because of lack of brand awareness and marketing efforts. Facebook gives small businesses a cost effective, easy platform to advertise your small business and get real results. Facebook has 81 Million users and being active on it can increase your brand’s SEO. If you want to attract attention to your small business you have to fish where the fish are. In this article, we’ll discuss a very effective tool you can use when creating Facebook ads and how it can benefit your business.

Facebook offers several methods where you can promote your business. You can set up an automatic post that serves as and ad, support pages to build your audience, and event reminders to track attendees and interested persons, to name a few.

“Gain More Clicks” to Your Website

When creating your Facebook ad, you can choose “Gain More Clicks” which is a specific tactic that works great for driving visitors to your website/online store thereby increasing the amount of traffic your site receives and, assuming you’ve got an effective, optimized website, will help increase the rate of whatever you are selling/offering.  Here are some simple steps towards creating a Facebook ad using “Gain More Clicks”:

    1. Once on the “Gain More Clicks” page, you will type in the URL of your website. Doing this will ensure that users will go straight to your site. When your site pops up, it will pull some images from your site, that can be used for the ad. The best option is to use the picture from the most recent post on your site. If not, choose an image that is friendly and will interest users.
    1. Scroll down and decide if you want this to be a desktop or mobile ad. You can run both mobile and desktop but choosing one can help you track your audience better. Depending on the age of your audience the mobile option will be a better choice for you. However, if you choose the mobile option, ensure that your website is compatible with mobile software.
  1. Create a headline that is descriptive and conversational and will catch the eyes of users.
  2. Narrow down your target audience. Here is where you can add your email list. You want consumers who already support you to see the legitimacy. Make uses of the audience meter to the right of the Page. You want to narrow down your audience to about 50,000 to 200,000 users. This is a good range. Here are some examples on how you can narrow down your audience/target:
    • Let’s say you are a real estate company targeting first-time home buyers. The location will depend on how far your business can reach. (If you are an online business, this will be great tool for you.) Let’s say your main shop is in Montclair NJ, and you want to reach to all of North Jersey and Manhattan. You will make your location Montclair and a radius of 50 miles.
    • The age you will want to reach for new home buyers would be 22 to 37.
    • You can choose to direct this ad to only males or only females.
    • You can make your target language English and Spanish.
  • The most important part that you should not skip is the interest section. Let’s say, you are a pizza company. In the interest section, you will want to put your top competitors and other very popular businesses or people who have to do with pizza or similar products – this way, for example, your ad will be shown to everyone who liked the Food Networks Facebook page.

Using “Gain More Clicks” within Facebook ads will help drive more traffic to your website and help grow your small business. Take a look at Foley Marketing Advisors’ blog for other valuable insight on how to grow your small business or send us an email…We’re always happy to help!

Danielle Foley, President
Foley Marketing Advisors

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