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www.foleymarketingadvisors.comSo you’re involved in a local event…Now what?  As a small business, it’s important to continuously seek out ways in which to attract new business and stay top-of-mind with prospects, current clients and anyone who may be a referral source.  That said, being involved in a local event is an excellent way to do just that!  However, you’ll need to do more than just show up.  You’ll need to make sure that you’ve done whatever you can to ensure everyone knows about your involvement…Translation:  Get the media to cover your local event!  Once they agree to it they’ll almost always write about it, talk about it on local radio or video it for a news clip.  And the best part is, they’ll do it for free.  I’ve provided some simple steps below that you must take in order to get the media to cover your event:

1.  Write your media advisory. A media advisory is a one-page (or shorter) article about your event. Its goal is to attract media to your event. It should contain 5 main components, specifically:

~  Who: Name of your company and any key individuals who will be in attendance and can speak on camera.

~  What: What is the reason for the event? Include all newsy information.

~  When: Date and time of event, how long it will run and schedules of any on-camera spokespeople, and if they will be available before/after the event.

~  Where: Address, directions, and a link for Google Maps or MapQuest if you can.

~  Visuals: Make sure you’ve thought out ahead of time exactly what the cameras will be filming.

2.  Find the RIGHT contact. Assignment desk editors are the ones who traditionally assign stories to the reporters each day. If you can’t find their contact information, call the station’s newsroom.

3.  Research publications with LOCAL readerships. These media outlets are often run by just two or three people, and they’ll jump at a story via your media advisory describing your upcoming event because it’ll save them the time of tracking down a story on their own.

4.  Look for sections in the targeted publication that highlight EVENTS. Normally a simple phone call with a pitch will secure a feature on your business’ event.

5.  Contact reporters TWO WEEKS’ prior to the upcoming event. If the information in the media advisory sounds like something a news organization might cover, they will save it in their planner/calendar. One week prior to the event, send the advisory each of the three days just before the event.

Of course this is just a brief overview, if you’d like more information, please shoot me an email I’m…Always happy to help!

Danielle Foley, President ~ FoleyMarketingAdvisors.com ~ (973) 632-9170


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