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Tips for Marketing Your (Small) Professional Service Business

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Hopefully you’ve read the first installment on this topic and are ready to learn even more tips on how to market your small professional service business.  I’ll jump right into it…

Perfect your 30 second elevator speech. In 1 or 2 sentences, explain how you can help people. Insert this message in articles, on your website, in emails and in conversation.

Be perceived as an expert. There are many things you can do (I’ve already discussed blogging) to enhance your image (and reality) that you are an expert in your field.  These things include:

  • Contact local magazines. Propose to write an article about a trending topic in your field. Also, propose you become an expert source, so that they will come to you with questions and refer to you in articles.
  • Become an expert guest for a local radio show or news program. Write a proposal for a topic and call to follow up. Keep video or audio clips to help promote you on your website or social media account.
  • Write an ebook. If you have expertise on a particular topic, write a short ebook and release it in the professional community. Attend conferences to speak about it. Sell it and give it away to potential clients as a valuable tool.
  • Speak at seminars. Become a key note speaker at business conferences and seminars. If possible, try to propose speaking engagements at businesses outside of your industry. For example, if you are a marketing consultant, host a seminar to managers about improving a professional image or about how to start a grassroots campaign with a local political party.
  • Become a teacher at an adult continuing education organization/community college. Give regular classes on your area of expertise.

Follow the adage “under promise and over deliver.” It is important to provide good value and quality work to encourage referrals. Client referrals are the best type of marketing, because your happy clients are doing your marketing work for you.

Research your competition. Decide what advertising seems to be successful for them, and consider using the same methods.

Set up a client and prospect database. Add friends, family and former clients or client prospects from your personal address book, business cards and email exchanges. You can do several things to market and add to the database.  For example…

  • Send monthly emails about your profession. Offer useful tips and include a coupon for a free consultation. Becoming a community expert and providing high-quality content on your website and email list can increase your new clients.
  • Send business cards and referral program info to former clients, friends and family. Offer them several hours of professional services or a gift card if they recommend someone new to your business.
  • Send reminder cards to clients who need to have a check up, analyze a campaign or review their contract with you.

Get involved in the community. Become part of a community organization or sponsor a sports team. You should aim to network every week and introduce yourself to business people.

  • For many professional services, networking is lead generation. Everyone you meet and have a good conversation with is a potential client. If you have problems being social or speaking in public, join a Meetup group to gain experience.

Target your print advertising to trade organizations, newsletters and bulletins. Instead of taking out advertisements in expensive newspapers and magazines, put an advertisement in your church bulletin, organization newsletter or email newsletter.

Host a client appreciation event. Ask each client to bring a colleague or a friend. Instead of a holiday party, choose a time of the year where people’s schedules might be open to a mixer.

Advertise “value-added” offers.  Add a free consultation, an audit, a free template or reduced rate for loyalty, rather than taking 25 percent off your hourly rate.

Any questions, please give us a call…We’re always happy to help!

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