Create Winning Brand-Positioning Strategies for your Small Business

Which Brand-Positioning Strategies are Right for Your Small Business?

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In my last post I discussed how implementing the right positioning strategy can allow consumers to engage with your company on a more personal, emotional level. Additionally,  branding creates strong awareness of both your company and products or services it offers. To create this degree of awareness, there are a number of brand-positioning strategies you can implement, below are some of the most popular ones.

QUALITY POSITIONING.  Distinguishing yourself from competitors by narrowing your focus to one area of expertise, thereby branding the company as a high-quality and trusted specialist…E.G. “Foley Marketing Advisors helps Small Businesses Grow by Developing Tailored Marketing Strategies that Fit Within Their Small Budget.”

VALUE OR PRICE POSITIONING.  Putting a high price tag on your products or services with the hopes that people will believe that more expensive something is, the more valuable it must be. This positioning strategy can be a very tricky and expensive one to implement as the advertising spend needed is quite substantial in order to provide the illusion of high-end and convince your target audience to spend more money (hiring a celebrity is a common tactic used here).  The reverse of this is also true.  That is, claiming to have similar or the same benefits as your higher priced competitors but for “half the cost”, for example.

BENEFIT POSITIONING.   Highlighting your company’s most powerful attributes — attributes no competitor can claim and that are valuable to the consumer.  Something like…”The only teeth whitener guaranteed to whiten your teeth to their greatest potential”.

PROBLEM & SOLUTION POSITIONING.  Demonstrating that your company has the power to relieve customers of whatever problem they may be facing, both quickly and efficiently…”Fight your worst cold symptoms with Alka-Seltzer Plus”.

COMPETITOR BASED POSITIONING.  Taking aim at one or several competitors to demonstrate its superiority among others offering the same type of product or service (you know, like Presidential candidates do).

Often times it is possible to implement more than one brand-positioning strategy at a time if they are similar enough, but staying consistent in your messaging when launching a new product or service is key to creating a high level of brand/company awareness.  Still not sure about which strategy to use?  Shoot me an email or give me a call…I’m always happy to help!

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