How a Positioning Strategy Helps Beat the Competition

How a Winning Positioning Strategy Helps Beat the Competition

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I suppose I should first define “Positioning” and why is it critical to helping you beat out your competition.  According to’s encyclopedia, positioning is…”How you differentiate your product or service from that of your competitors’ and then determine which market niche to fill”.  The success from proving or illustrating to your target market that your product or service is superior to your competitors determines the likelihood of your prospect choosing your product or service over your competitors’.  The strategies used to “prove” yourself are called “Branding Strategies” (explained in the next blog installment).

The first couple of steps in developing a Positioning Strategy are:

  • Create a positioning statement for your company. In one or two sentences, describe what distinguishes you from your competition.
  • Test your positioning statement. Does it appeal to your target audience? Refine it until it speaks directly to their wants and needs.
  • Use the positioning statement in every written communication to customers.
  • Create image-marketing materials that communicate your positioning. Don’t skimp.

You’ll also need to ask yourself a bunch of questions and incorporate the answers into all of your marketing communication strategies (website, brochures, social media, etc…).  for example:

  1. What differentiates us (POD = Point of Differentiation)?  What is our competitive advantage? How are we unique?  Why should anyone choose to do business with us over everyone else in our market space?
  2. What are our areas of expertise?
  3. What value do we provide to our clients/customers and/or what specific benefits do our customers receive?
  4. What problems do we solve for our potential customers? What needs/wants do we meet for them?
  5. How can we dominate our market?
  6. What makes us stand out from the crowd?
  7. What would cause someone to say, “Get me ________!” Or, “We need ___________!”
  8. What’s our core message? What’s our unique POV (point of view)?
  9. What makes us controversial?
  10. What kind of image do we want to portray?  What do we want our customers to “feel” by choosing to purchase from us?

In my next blog installment (Thursday 2/29), I’ll discuss various Branding Strategies that can be used to promote your positioning.  In the meantime, please send me an email or give a call if I can be of any assistance…I’m always happy to help!

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