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There are some easy to understand, basic things you can do to improve your website’s SEO.  I can’t go into great length explaining the strategies but feel free to send me an email and I will do my best to answer any and all specific questions.

  1. Simple, straightforward overall website design that is easy to process, find information/navigate and understand.
  2. When planning on what content to include, always be very aware of who your buyer persona(s) are.  That is, what information will your target audience find useful, helpful, informative.  As you create the content, be sure to include words, topics, headlines that have the appropriate keywords throughout.  A simple way to think of “keywords” would be to put yourself in the mind of your target audience and think about what words and/or phrases would they search in order to try and solve a problem they have.  Specifically, the keywords should also be within your:
    • Webpage titles (the tabs on your website)
    • URLs found in the browser for each page
    • Page headers
    • Content
    • Meta description (summaries of each web’s page)
  3. The content itself should be properly formatted.
  4. Websites should be responsive, meaning they should be able to viewed on mobile devices easily and properly.  Websites that are not responsive are not getting ranked high with search engines.
  5. Search engines like to see that websites are being updated with new content on a continual basis.  This is why having a blog or social media plug ins that update automatically to your website is a great tool for SEO.

The next blog installments will cover developing effective content to create qualified leads while simultaneously enhancing your SEO.

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