PART THREE: Marketing Your New Book and Yourself: The Self-Published Author

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I’ve covered a lot of ground in the first two installments on this topic and hopefully you’ve had a chance to review them.   Below I’ve provided the final 14 strategies and tips to help you market yourself and your book(s).  Please send me an email with any questions, I’d be happy to help!

11.  Guest post frequently and strategically. Guest blogging is one the best ways to increase visibility, gain influence in your genre or topic and draw targeted readers to your online ‘bookstore’ or author site.

12.  Create bookmarks. Include an image of your book cover as well as your website and contact info. If you think your audience will understand and use a QR code, include one on your bookmark or other print materials. Check out How to Create a QR Code at –

13.  Update your email signature. For every email you send, ensure that you include info on your new or upcoming book and a link back to your blog or book website.

14.  Design a launch strategy that works. Your book launch requires a lot of prep and strategy. Plan a party, launch at a unique venue that relates to your book’s content or team up with other authors announcing their new release to heighten the excitement across several author platforms and audiences. Here’s a great post on book launch strategy

15.  Writing is your business. Make sure your on and offline presence (website, social media profiles, print materials) is professional and doesn’t portray a hobbyist, if you’re not committed, neither will your purchasers be. Good reference:

16.  Create urgency. Use time-limited coupons, giveaways and contests. Host a contest on your website. Offer bonuses or special extras to readers who purchase your book prior to a certain date.

17.  Join forces with local merchants. Team up with store owners and other businesses to offer certificates, prizes and merchant coupons to be shared or given away during your book promotions. Advertise these perks on your site and on printed materials.

18.  Time and coordinate promotions. Try to time your guest posts, author interviews, giveaways, advertising and other promotions  to run at the same time, so that each promotion gains momentum from the other. The perception of ‘being everywhere’ will strengthen your chances of creating the word of mouth marketing momentum we’re looking for.

19.  Video clips. Record your readings and share on your YouTube channel, Facebook Page, Google+ and on Goodreads.

20.  Promote others. As you help promote other authors in your genre, by sharing their blog posts, reviewing their books and the like, you will build good will and a strong network of peer support for your current and future projects.

21.  ‘Consign’ your book. Consider trying a consignment style approach in gift shops, specialty stores, boutiques and galleries. The store owners may not want to purchase your books outright, but may display and sell them in their store for a cut of the profits.

22.  Sell some promotional merchandise. Give your fans the opportunity to promote you and your work offline by creating and selling themed merchandise on your site. Purchase via –

23.  Donate. Build goodwill by getting your book into the hands of people that might not normally have access to your work. Considering donating your book to hospitals, shelters (FYI my teenage son works with kids at Center for Hope and Safety in NJ and I’m sure I could arrange something – at no cost), churches, libraries, doctor/dental offices, hair salons, organizations or clubs.

24.  Sell your books using Pinterest. Use Pinterest to relate to the fans you already have as well as intrigue new readers with ‘visual’ stories of you, your brand and your work. Pinterest has 70 million users, with approximately 80% of those being women. And stats show that about 70% of Pinterest members use the site to get inspiration on what to buy.

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