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Before you can sell your book, you need to market it. I have compiled the most valuable tips, strategies and  “must-do’s” for marketing your book.  Because there is a lot of valuable information covered, I will cover this topic in three (possibly four) blog installments.

A.  Create a simplistic WEBSITE, including an online press/media kit and a blog.  Your website should include:

  • A book BLOG, in which you write updates, corrections, errata and respond to reader comments and suggestions. This book blog may become the basis for the second edition of your book. Write BLOG articles that tie your book topic or genre to current popular interests. HOW TO DEVELOP A BLOG:
  • A link to the Amazon page (or other e-tailers) for your book, so people can buy the book online
  • Your media kit (covered in more detail below)
  • Book reviews and blurbs
  • Your schedule of appearances, including bookstores, speaking engagements and conferences
  • Contact information

B.  Develop a MEDIA KIT.  When you’re launching and marketing your book it can be essential to get attention from the media. You can point inquiries to your Press/Media page and make information available for reviewers, bloggers, editors, reporters, partners, etc to get important basic information.

Your MEDIA KIT should include:

  • About the Author – A bio about a half page long
  • About the Book – Summary of your book, written in a news style without marketing hype
  • Praise/Endorsements/Reviews – Feature any “celebrity” (term used loosely), retailer and/or customer quotes prominently
  • Awards – Book awards and awards received by the author
  • Author Photos – High resolution version for print and low resolution for online use. Include a caption beneath your photo listing your credentials or author tagline
  • Book Cover Images – High resolution for print and low resolution for online use
  • In the Media – Includes the launch press release (and any other releases), links to previous media coverage that you’ve received and any quotes from the media. If you have appeared in any major print or broadcast media, include their logos prominently on your media page
  • Contact Information – Make this easy to find, include email address, phone number, and address if applicable


In the next blog installment this Thursday, 1/8/15, I will continue this topic and hone in and discuss 24 other tactics to help self-published authors market and sell their book(s).

As always, please contact me directly should you have any questions regarding this topic.

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